Black jack manga characters

black jack manga characters

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It is mentioned in como ganar loto plus Volume 1 chapter 6 that after graduating and becoming an intern, Black Jack fell in love with Megumi Kisaragi.
The sole doctor of the island, she originally came to help her brother, and develops feelings for Black Jack.
In the end, Black Jack is capable of great kindness as well as brutal cruelty.He always tries to heal his patients but he will get very emotionally upset if: 1) someone takes his patients; 2) his patients commit suicide; 3) someone kills his patients; or 4) death was inevitable.Wikipedia article written by contributors ( read / edit ).Other skills edit In addition to his medical skills, Black Jack is a skilled fighter.IGN (February 4, 2014).A mummy in Volume 13 Chapter 5: "The Cursed Operation".

M: Black Jack Vol.1: Books: Osamu Tezuka.
Jack " is a common name for a man, he translates his name as "Black Jack." His name in the manga is spelt "Kuro'o".
17 The house has two bedrooms, with one for guests and one Black Jack and his adopted daughter Pinoko, who sleep in separate twin beds.Cover photo is available under :me 'Unknown' license.In Volume 10 Chapter 2: "The Mask Chosen he explains to Pinoko that in Japanese, kuro means black and the second o represents a jack in a deck of cards.He also makes exceptions in exigent circumstances, and may change his mind if proven incorrect in his assumptions.Black Jack managed to find them along with discovering letters and photos of himself among the prosthetic, revealing her feelings for him.Title bottomLinkPreText bottomLinkText discoverMoreTitle :discoverMoreArticle.