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Artists edit Coluche knew that the best way he could help the Restos was to present his own image and those of his friends.There was also a charity song about it on TF1 ( 2012 appel aux dons spot beautifully accompanied with the music of the Spanish band plou.European Parliament in February 1986 after learning that surplus products cost more to store than to distribute free to the poor; his plea was heard and in 1987 the surplus was made available to four organisations.Those who generously give their services (loan of buildings, transport, printing.) or participate in authorised protests, which are strictly regulated financially and legally.The initiative was supported by a song written by the songwriter and singer.

All these reintegration programmes exist to help beneficiaries to become normal citizens.
Since 1987, the Restos du Cœur have benefited financially from the European Plan to Help the Neediest ( Plan européen d'aide aux plus démunis, or pead).
It was immediately decided to leave it open all year long, and as elsewhere, the services provided were quickly swamped.
1846 mercis, sur Facebook, il existe une possibilité de récolter des fonds pour les Restos du Coeur de Belgique / à l'occasion de votre anniversaire par exemple.
Depuis plusieurs années, certains utilisateurs de Twitter interpellent des marques sur le réseau social afin de leur demander combien de "retweets" ils devront atteindre pour obtenir gratuitement un produit.Under the heading of "reinsertion into society" are several different kinds of activities: from workshops to gardens; from trucks doing nightly rounds in the big cities to long-term lodging solutions; and from cultural activities to picnics.The, restaurants du Cœur (literally, restaurants of the Heart but meaning, restaurants of Love commonly and familiarly known as the.Avec nos 2 camions réfrigérés de 19 tonnes et 26 tonnes.The "Les Restos demain" The Restos Tomorrow survey, which polled more than 13,000 beneficiaries and volunteers in 19, confirmed the need to evolve and reinforced the will to extend the beneficiary-volunteer partnership.Since then, every year an Enfoirés concert has been held to encourage people to donate to the Restos du Cœur.The association does not only target homeless but also all those with a low or very low income (single families, old people with a low pension, young adults.).Today, there are more than 600,000 of all backgrounds with one point in common: generosity devoid of political or religious points of view.It has become a very popular event.The Belgian Federation of Restos currently offers many services (social, legal, reinsertion.