Data slotamount revolution slider

ul /div /div Initialise the Plugin somewhere in the Body Footer: script type"text/javascript" delay:9000, startwidth:1170, startheight:500, hideThumbs:10 /script.
World's #1, parallax Slider, unlimited Transitions, sliding, Fading, Slots, Box Transitions.
li!- slide - li data-transition"zoomout" data-slotamount"7" data-masterspeed"1000"!- main image - img src"images/g" alt"darkblurbg" data-bgfit"cover" data-bgposition"left top" data-bgrepeat"no-repeat"!- layers -!- layer.
EaseIn (same as Power1.easeIn Quad.Create Custom Animations with our Brand-New, transition Builder, extensive Video Support, youtube.EaseInOut (same as Power3.easeInOut Quart.And a Horizontal Offset of -100 would be 100px to the left of center.EaseInOut (same as Power4.easeInOut Strong.Youtube Example, you can easily add, youtube Videos to your Slides.

Then set the images Background Position to center center and preview the slide.
Old Easings: easeOutBack, easeInQuad, easeOutQuad, easeInOutQuad, easeInCubic, easeOutCubic easeInOutCubic, easeInQuart, easeOutQuart, easeInOutQuart, easeInQuint easeOutQuint, easeInOutQuint, easeInSine, easeOutSine, easeInOutSine easeInExpo, easeOutExpo, easeInOutExpo, easeInCirc, easeOutCirc, easeInOutCirc easeInElastic, easeOutElastic, easeInOutElastic, easeInBack, easeOutBack, easeInOutBack easeInBounce, easeOutBounce, easeInOutBounce).
Animation art set via Classes!).
For an example, set your Scale To value to 200, and your Scale From value to 100.
Possible Values are: New Easings: Linear.Slider revolution has it all!BUY NOW, faster More, powerful, slider Revolution is the highly acclaimed slide-based displaying solution, thousands of businesses, theme developers and everyday people use and love!From buyers roulett gewinn tabelle and authors only, deliver better projects faster.EaseIn (same as Power4.easeIn Quint.More Details, the Planets, the Amazing Solar System 100 Responsive,.EaseIn (same as Power2.easeIn Cubic.Caption Selection, custom Animation Editor, with Live Preview, with Style Preview.EaseOut (same as Power4.easeOut Back.

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EaseInOut (same as Power2.easeInOut Cubic.