H&r chassis slot car

h&r chassis slot car

The title shot above gives you an overall peek at the Lathe and all that comes with.
Matt quickly pointed out, Theres no heat doing it this way.
However, if you are cutting down a wheel that is press fitted on a smooth axel, such as, Ninco or in my case Powerslot, you will need to glue the wheel onto the axel.
You dont have to completely remove them in order to remove the cutting tool.
Its a space saver compared to a full blown lathe purchase, but youll be more limited for billet loterie plys haut taux uses versus the real thing.The plastic shavings can be a pain to brush or wipe away and you can use the air while the Razor is still under power.Shop by Category, shop by Brand, current Top Sellers.If you already have a Razor and want something to cut wheels down to make custom or more period specific wheels for your slot projects, youll likely be satisfied with this lathe.You go too fast and hard and the plastic melts.The 12 wheels took him forever to sand down to size when he replaced the stock wheels with some Ranch Design aftermarket wheels.How fast or slow do I turn the horizontal control knob?So clean it regularly.I found myself thinking, This is insane and overkill.Above is the backside of the cutter and the threaded black knob controls the forward and reverse of the cutter base.Here are 3 videos that show different stages of the cut down process.Heres the insert sitting in the SCX wheel.

If the tip of the cutting tool dug in too quickly it broke the glue bond and the wheel was spinning on the axel.
Tired of your press-fit plastic wheels coming off during a race?
This is the 1/3 less cutting I was talking about once its cut away from the backside of the wheel.
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Snug is all you need.All orders now ship usps Priority mail for a discounted flat rate.You will see in one of the videos that the axel is moving with the cutting tool and Matt pushes on the wheel with his finger to finish the cut across the wheel.If you are new visitor to our site we would suggest click on "Shop by Brand" or "Shop by Product" to navigate easily in the commerce side.I wish I had a definitive answer for you, but I dont.If not, then you just have to stop and see if you can slide the wheel over the end of the insert before cutting it off.I thank Jon (scrjon) for supplying the Tire Razor Lathe for review and I hope Ive given a fair and informative review to help you make a decision on purchasing the lathe and/or the Tire Razor with this 2 Part Review.Above you have the complete wheel (top the almost finished insert after it was cut off (left) and the piece at the bottom is the amount of the wheel cut off on the backside of the wheel.Eric Crooper AKA Legionofone.