Imeisv slot 1

imeisv slot 1

Temperature of various components such as GSM PA, wcdma PA, LTE PA chip, SIM card, battery and crystal are supported/ atcpcm - jeux d'argent islam atcpcm AT command is used to configure the PCM Audio.
AT#httpcfg - AT#httpcfg AT command configures the http parameters., cid AT#httpqry - AT#httpqry command performs a query to the http server.
Atceer - atceer AT command returns error report for, - the failure in the last unsuccessful call setup (originating or answering) or in call modification; - the last call release; - the last unsuccessful gprs attach or unsuccessful PDP context activation; - the last gprs.
what is current user name?
Test atftppw - Sets up the password value atftppw?More information: MP3/MP4/Handsfree/SMS group sending/Voice recorder/WAP/Handwritten input/Handwritten keyboard input/Bluetooth/gprs download/MMS/Memory extended/E-book/dual sim dual standby dual bluetooth/online stock/calendar/alarm clock/calculator/remit converter/unit converter/stopwatch/world time/memo/schedule/health management.Voila plus de renseignement sur le portable : Description: Product Description.Atccvm - atccvm AT command is used to set the voicemail name and number.Atcasims - atcasims AT command sets whether SMS over IMS is available or not.

AT#ftptype atftptype - atftptype sets up data transfer mode for binary or ascii.
Atcipsprt - atcipsprt i sused to set whether echo prompt " " after issuing "atcipsend" command.
Atcmut - atcmut AT command is used to enable/disbale muting of voice on the device.
Atftpget - atftpget gets the remote FTP file.
Atcmee - atcmee AT command enable or disable the use of result code CME error: as an indication of an error relating to the functionality of the.Test atftpputpath - Set the upload path values atftpputpath?It will then enable external clients to connect to the module.The values are as follows: 0 Non roaming state 1 Roaming state : System mode.AT#ssendext, AT#ssendudp - AT#ssendudp AT command is used to send data over UDP to a specific remote host.Under gprs, the APN is set.This command is used to end the voice call.Atcscc - atcscc AT command is used to enable/disable access to protected commands within the device.

Now enter sim network puk code.I also wrong puk code 7 times at now remaining three times 4 months ago, ashkar (registered user sim network unlock pin, network locked sim card inserted 5 months ago adhitya (registered user) network locked invalid sim card.
Atcgdscont - atcgdscont AT command sets PDP context parameter values for a secondary PDP connection.