Loto gundam

loto gundam

With its ability to transform into a mobile suit with movable limbs the Loto can use the ambac system allowing for mobility in space as opposed to the Guntanks which were limited to operating as Earth-use attack vehicles.
Battle of Laplace During the investigation of the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam it was suspected that one of the seals on Laplace's Box would be broken if the Unicorn Gundam was present inside the remains of the Laplace colony as the colony passed over a specific.
This cannon can be swapped out for a pair of long cannons or a mega machine cannon.Semi clear instructions due to a bit complex assembly and tiny parts.Guntank, the Loto can transform from a humanoid mobile suit to a tank mode.The Loto is slow poke law ohio succeeded by the.

This transport capability likely explains why the Loto has a smaller low-output reactor.
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Developed From, developed Into, first Deployment, operator.
Notes Trivia References D-50C - Loto - Specifications/Design D-50C Loto - Specifications/Technical Detail/Design D-50C Loto - Technical Detail/Design External links.Item Size/Weight :.2.3.6 cm / 339g.The suit's sub arms are equipped with a pair of beam burners that function as melee weapons similar to a beam saber.Located in the lower torso is a third seat likely given to a communications/sensor officer.Item picture, contents, about item, color, assembly guide.Armaments Beam Burner The Loto is equipped with two beam burners, these beam burners are a melee weapon similar the beam saber.Customers who checked D-50C Loto Twin Set (hguc) (Gundam Model Kits) also checked these.One of the units appeared for an ambush against the Sleeves' NZ-666 Kshatriya, but the unit was quickly destroyed.

Overall length:.66 meters (in tank form).