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If the ticket appears to have been tampered with, contact Oklahoma Lottery Security immediately.
Never respond to a poker electronique casino barriere lille phone call or e-mail from someone who offers you a guaranteed prize.
"Individuals in other jurisdictions have been contacted with a very convincing memorandum claiming to be from both the FBI and fdic, advising the recipient that they have won a large Mega Millions prize according to Rollo Redburn, Executive Director of the Lottery.
Lottery Warns Oklahomans of Potential Scam.Unless you specifically entered a promotional game sponsored by the Lottery, you will never be contacted by us informing you that you have won.June, Youve won the lottery!The Oklahoma Lottery security department urges anyone who receives a call that could be a potential scam to contact the Attorney Generals Office (405) or the Federal Trade Commission (877) 382 4357.No legitimate foreign lottery organization will solicit.S.If you are approached by an individual offering a winning ticket for cash, refuse the offer.the Lottery reminds players that no advance fees are required to secure winnings, nor would either of the above mentioned agencies be contacting an individual about lottery winnings.The caller tells the person answering the phone that he or she has won a large sum of money and/or additional prizes such as a car or a trip.The documentation sent to victims includes letterhead that appears to be from the FBI and fdic." Redburn went on to say "If Oklahomans havent yet been contacted, it likely will not be long before they are - do not reply to this type of letter.If you are in doubt, obtain the name of the individual and contact the Lottery for confirmation at (405) 522 7700.Be suspicious of telephone calls from someone claiming to be with the Lottery.

Its something that many people want to hear.
Players have reported receiving calls stating the caller is from the Oklahoma Lottery Commission and that the player has won a second chance prize. .
Oklahoma city, the Attorney Generals Public Protection Unit Thursday, July 26, 2012, issued a consumer alert to warn Oklahomans about fraudulent lottery letters and e-mails.
Never reveal your credit card numbers, bank account poke poke jlt dubai numbers or social security number to anyone if you have any reason to question why they need this information.
Most of the phone calls are coming from the area code 876.The information in the phone call is not associated with the Oklahoma Lottery, said Rollo Redburn.None of these so-called entities exist again, Mega Millions is a game, not an organization.Fraud Watch International lists numerous lottery scams operating around the world.The Lottery encourages Oklahomans to be aware of a potential scam seeking to trick citizens into believing theyve won a lump sum of money.The scammers are asking for good faith money, for example 500.00, and upon receipt, the lottery will send them 850,000.Gov or call Lottery headquarters at (405) 522 7700.