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The little guys obviously sued, but knowing they would run out of money in a legal fight, they also mounted a "What's the Doughboy Afraid Of?" campaign to get the public on their side.
He voted for building a fence on the Mexican border, reporting illegal aliens who go to hospitals, and for banning student visas from terrorist nations.
Ben Jerry's has been making pints for famous people (both real and fictional) they like since 1987, when Cherry Garcia was born.
He was a disciple of Ayn Rand and was part of the inner circle of her cult.He often gets accused of being anti-Semitic because hes anti-Zionism, and he may well be, but his position on Israel is all about religion.But only if it's really special.Their first truck was the "Cowmobile".Marketing chops it down to 60, consumer polling crops it to 20, and then the gurus make those 20 pints in the kitchen. I get the sense that maybe the Ron Paul People I know just dont realize what Ron Pauls all about.The annual holiday, wherein Ben Jerry invite you to enjoy your favorite scoop free of charge, was started on the company's first anniversary as a thank you to the fans that kept them in business.And no, they don't actually bury pints, so don't try to dig resultats loto du 27 mai 2014 up the last remaining helping of White Russian. Again, not a libertarian stance at all.In an attempt to squash David, ice cream Goliath Häagen-Dazs got its parent company Pillsbury to bully distributors into not carrying Ben Jerry's pints.

So, bureaucracy good when it keeps the brown people out?
That or they just dont care.
It gets a proper burial in the company's Waterbury, Vermont "cemetery".
Häagen-Dazs tried to shut them down.A guy named Alan Greenspan.The latest is a Bob Marley pint that's only available to smug British people and a roster of SNL -inspired pints for the show's 40th anniversary.And, despite the fact that he thinks the education department should be dismantled, he also thinks that public funds should pay for private Christian educations and supports a constitutional amendment in favor of school prayer.Food Drink, kristin Hunt, ben Jerry's: great for gorging, even greater for weird kitchen experiments.Ive been trying to understand why smart people I know support Ron Paul and I just cant get my head around.Their shop was a renovated gas station, and their knowledge was based on a 5 correspondence course in ice cream from Penn State (which is kinda famous for its creamery ).He has a somewhat complex view on abortion in that he believes that it, like murder, should be tried and controlled at the state level, not the federal one.The company almost had a whimsical name.It informs most of his political positions, including right to life stuff that Ill address in a minute.

That said, he has voted repeatedly for national bills that promote the pro-life cause and introduced a bill that would say that life begins at conception.
You know, Alan Greenspan, the most famous and powerful libertarian ever to work in the US government.
I get the sense that libertarians are so excited to have someone on the national stage that they dont want to see anything problematic with the guy, but hes transparently a bad deal.