Poka yoke in service industry

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Eg if the telephoine numbers are being recorded of all customers vsiiting the office and the person recording does not write down all digits, a form which gives the required numberf of cells for hee haw slots recording nos can be used.This is similar to the fixed-value situation in that the operator is responsible for multiple activities but instead of performing the same activity multiple times the operator performs different activities.Let me know how it went in the comments below!Of course, dont overdo it in this regard, and remember that technology and the way you use it in poka-yoke is supposed to make things simpler, not more complicated.Also, get your workers to cross-check each others work in those areas in order to avoid making mistakes in front of the customer later.The following is summarized from the paper "Using Poka-Yoke Concepts to Improve a Military Retail Supply System which was printed in Production and Inventory Management Journal.

Paul Dvorak, in "Poka-Yoke Designs Make Assemblies Mistakeproof an article appearing.
Beware of designs so complicated that they confuse inexperienced operators.
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Surprisingly, the simple low-cost devices tend to be in the majority.Bolts with no paint on them are still untightened.To this end, you should supply your workers with devices to keep each other in touch with regards to their current task and plans, and to be able to signal everyone in case something goes wrong.When conducting this training for Office / Services.g.Poka-yoke is based on prediction and detection.