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Injustice: Gods Among Us pits superhero against superhero in this action packed, beat the crap outta each other fight club.
Imagine, cartela de bingo para imprimir doc if you will, that the Justice League has a deep dark secret; deep within headquarters, after hours, when there's no crime to be fighting, all the heroes gather for some hand to hand combat training in the basement.
So the age old question of who could beat the crap outta who is put to the test in this one.Injustice: Gods Among Us for Android is an intense hand to hand combat game against your favorite DC Comics superheroes.Last team of 3 standing, wins.Our product More money 7SEO More money hold / Javascripthtml4html5CSS Photoshop.NetPHP / / / 40 Similar Sites Like m / Cheats and Hints /.

It's Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman against your team of 3 heroes.
The sounds are good and the music successfully creates tension and angst.
The graphics are excellent; very vibrant, with lots of details and slow-motion effects which add to the overall intensity.I think the controls need more refinement, but it's hard not to like this game.The game isn't perfect, but it is fun.Just tap and poke your screen to attack, or swipe left and right to unleash powerful combos.The controls are pretty good but very challenging.There's a power meter on the bottom of the screen and you want to keep an eye on that for special powers and attack abilities that are activated during play.It'll kill your battery faster than a speeding bullet too.

Kills your battery, challenging controls, animation is a bit laggy.
Injustice: Gods Among Us gives every little boy and girl, no matter the age, an opportunity to bash heads and go toe to toe with some of the most iconic superheroes ever assembled.