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Partly reflecting Fiona's performing background in indie, soul and jazz bands and her teaming-up with jazz guitarist Graham Stephen, it's a lyrical and reflective set in character, that moves stylistically from prog-inspired folk (the opening track Petticoat High, a song that won Fiona finalist status.
Despite 'The Apple Girl' taking his heart, titles like 'Broken-Hearted Love' and 'Never Had Much Luck' indicate that the blues piles high on this.
All Mine brings back the heavier country sound and he almost goes alternative on this.Skipping around the influences, Baby varnishes a Smokey Motown soul groove with a light reggae hiccupping and a suitably playful lyric that talks of choo choo trains in a manner that recalls Jonathan Richman.T David Kidman August 2011 David Bromberg - David Bromberg / Demon In Disguise / Wanted jeux concours gagnant immediat Dead Or Alive / Midnight On The Water (BGO Records) The first and second instalments of BGO's Bromberg remastered-reissue programme comprising all four of his Columbia albums fitted onto.Sue Cavendish Burrito Deluxe - Disciples of the Truth (Luna Chica Records) Listening to Disciples of the Truth is like being carried along on a nostalgic wave of good old-fashioned country songs.Taking inspiration from fairy tales and nursery rhymes with gothic folk songs of dark desires and disturbing dreams veined with animal and natural imagery and coloured by strings, harpsichords and percussion, the spare mood is decidedly cobwebbed and pagan.There will be those (largely po-faced reviewers) who will sniff heartily at geant casino nerf Disciples of the Truth and dismiss it as 'too retro'.All credit to Joe B then - for I assume him, in his role as facilitator-extraordinaire, to be responsible for the creative, innovative nature of the arrangements as well as the overall direction of the ensemble itself.By this time, Elvis was extremely tired of churning out movies with such dismal scripts.And then he goes and tops everything by taking The Handsome Family's Don't Be Scared and giving it a total heartache, building to a crescendo and then a dying fall.The episodes are punctuated with brief but attractive piano interludes (composed by Michael Cosgrave and inspired largely by Scottish dance forms).The title of the album gives an indication of what we are about to receive as Brozman gives us his take on modern living.In addition, a fifth actor, Ral Donner, is heard as Elvis, narrating the whole e original king of rock-n-roll (Elvis Presley) stars in this light comedy musical as a singing buck who finds employment at an all femme ranch spa.

Now, a double CD of poems and songs with a humorous bent is always going to create mixed opinions.
The lyrical Darrell Scott composition River Take Me provides an entirely plausible springboard for a challenging yet subtle mini-workout.
If you are familiar with Greg's considerably prolific work already, then be prepared to be entranced by the performances included here.
It's presented more or less chronologically, and opens with both sides of a rare 1964 Oriole-label single ( Dracula's Daughter by Screaming Lord Sutch, among whose backing band The Savages Jeff but briefly lurked.She's currently working on a studio follow-up, but in the interim comes this live album, drawn from the 15 shows she played for the troops last October.The shanty, Billy O'Shea, works unusually well for having a sparkling instrumental accompaniment (Dirk Powell on fiddle and banjo, John Doyle on guitar while midway through the album is a spirited set of jigs, on which Michael gets to pick up the banjo again.Ain't Got Time has Bridges on Resonator guitar and playing the blues at last.These show how adaptable the band can.