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New applications are hitting the machines a sous a vendre hossegor market to counter the effect of hipsters on social media.
Rules are simple: Fill your bingo card and you win a beer.
Love em or hate em, 150 million users cannot be ignored.Russell and Bradley will project a volunteer's Instagram feed (not personal, the general feed as we go through the photos, call out whatever category you have that matches the photo.The Economist chimed in on this market segment, claiming that theyve turned London inside out, in an article this month outlining the demographic and economic changes occurring in the.Chalk one up for those with pending hip-replacements instead of hip tees and skinny jeans.For latest bingo games please click at m).Buzzfeed had some fun with how hipsters have taken to Instagram in a post that displayed images from the Urban Outfitters catalogue and asked readers to decide if, in fact, they were images from a product catalogue or a hipster Instagram gallery.With 150 million monthly filter-obsessed Instragram users is being a hipster now mainstream?

The letters and numbers traditionally associated with bingo will be replaced with your friends Instagram-filtered snapshots meaning, of course, Earlybird-ed pics of children, X-prod photos of cats and dogs, and last nights meal savored in Kelvins orange hue.
Just this past February, Instagram reported 100 million monthly active-users and in the last seven months it has added 50 million more.
Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app, announced that it has grown to more than 150 million users who capture and share moments of their lives with the world.
Certainly, our lives have a distinctive look when viewed through the filter of Instagram (no pun intended).
Use the handy game card below when reviewing the images youre posting online.Instagram Is Down, the Economy of Hip, hipsters are having a profound effect on the economy, and businesses must take note.More importantly, theyre hipsters, a creative and artsy subculture of men and women who fervently buck trends, value independent thinking, and promote counter-culture ideas in the face of mainstream norms.If you volunteer to project your feed, you also receive a free beer.Whether its documenting protests in Egypt, sharing the trip of a lifetime across the United States or snapping #petselfiez, this community continues to surprise us every day with your creativity, sense of adventure and unique perspectives on the world, Instagram said in a statement announcing.

So, for this weeks Sunday Morning Read blog post, the team at Sensei has decided to help by offering this new game: Hipster Instagram Bingo.
The World According To The Instagram Filter.
Hipsters, who call out traditional social networks like Facebook as being too mainstream, have adopted Instagram as their own.