Skyrim more autosave slots

April 13th 2018, Axonis Russian translation by gamemonstr, chinese translation by kassent.
The enforced mode marks save performed by the embedded automatic system too, it is strongly suggested to enable it when you use a death alternative mod.
So be ready to feel the adrenaline flowing in your veins at each encounters, every dangerous moves or important choices.
In mouse wheel free spinning mmorpg where you have a character slot and the specific save for that character so you con't overwrite it or something.Added the ability to expedite an autosave by pressing a configurable (default Num) key.About 2 bits, but maybe it is worth more?Mirrors Changelogs, version.40, mod start disabled now, you must set timer and save key to enable.Those saves are lost forever, never to return ( unless you want the bug back ).

Fixed vanilla autosaves when traveling to and from Apocrypha in Dragonborn so that they respect your gameplay settings.
Ex: Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life, Mark of Arkay - Death Alternative SE, Ashes - A Simple and Configurable Death Mod How?
Slightly increased the frequency of checks after the interval to better apply the condition logic MCM panel Slot number configuration Vanilla autosave detection Jumping detection Removed INI file as it's no longer necessary Version.
Read the last section of the description.Seems same for all saves from a given name.Obsolete - Increase Console input keys delay - Obsolete - If you use a console mod, please tell me which one, I already included a fix for opparco mfg Command for SSE Update to last version Can I remove ssso - p?Version.30 - Use the native Debug.Only use "Hardsaves", never overwrite a ke a new one, don't bingo vanredno kolo 2018 use Autosaves, Quicksaves ( unless no other version of these saves exist on system ain, don't overwrite saves ) and kiss your @ goodbye if you ever use Exitsave ( it is broken.You can safely install it mid-game or upgrade from an old version, and you can safely uninstall it by removing it from your load order.