Tera dungeon jackpot

Below you can find a more detailed description of the various events.
You can transfer these items to another character on your account using the bank.
Attention: your subscription cycle will not be affected by this purchase!
The schedule is the same one as the current credit based version depending on the day and the battleground, you get one of the following reward boxes with massive amounts of valuable items!
Give it a whirl and let us know what you think.This action is available for tera Thalers only, and not via the subscription options.This item will give you 6 months of tera Club time added to your account, as well as the two additional items.I think Ace Dungeons are a little too difficult for a standard federation operative, but you veterans will definitely benefit from the experience.After the server maintenance for patch 55, youll be able to find blue chests strewn throughout the entire world, each containing an Anniversary Gift.In order to play for free, register yourself first on the website.Iovations JavaScript is probably being blocked by an ad-blocker.PDT and running until Monday, June 4 at.m.From 2nd May weve got a special offer hoe duiven enten tegen pokken lined up for the tera Club!Entrance Area: Ostgarath - Fyrmount, final Boss: Akasha, required Items: Holy Potion of Protection - obtainable through Golden Labyrinth.

Previous quest in the chain: Start NPC: Show/hide full text, meet up with, the Ace Dungeon Instructor, over in Highwatch.
Please note that even if you have a running subscription, you can still purchase this item in the tera Shop.
On occasion, you will be sent to some of the most dangerous areas in the game in order to complete important quests, these areas are the dank dark dungeons.
Have fun with the events and thank you all for sharing 5 amazing years with us!Source: Report to Ramull in Highwatch.I really hope this is something other players agree with.How does it work?You can choose to buy this item as a Stack of 2, which gives you a discount of 199 TT as well as a total of 12 months of tera Club time, in addition to two wings and two head accessories!You can choose to purchase the package bonus code casino belgie twice in one transaction.Source: Complete Akasha's Trial.Final Boss: Valtryssir, ebon Tower, accessible: Level 58 (5 players 1 player) Entrance Area: Lorcada - Vale of Spires Final Boss: Thulsa Labyrinth of Terror Accessible: Level 57 Entrance Area: Lorcada - Plain of Damned Final Boss: Killian Required Items: Potion of Will - tradable.Final Boss: Baracos, akasha's Hideout, accessible: Level 48 (5 players) Level 65 (Ace Dungeon).Some permanent Imprintable Sportswear, various accessories, a selection of glittering party paraphernalia (Disco Ball, Starlight, Dragon Fireworks).