Why do you have to be 18 to play bingo

why do you have to be 18 to play bingo

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The test would not allow stupid people under the age of 18 to vote.
Because the 26th amendment to the US constitution says.Answer Question 10 Answers.2k Views 0 Followers 0 Favorites Related Reading Popular Questions Company Everything Else Follow.And if the government feels you cant make that kind of decision until your 21 then why are you able to choose the person who will be running the country for the next 4 loterie hebdomadaire years.And the test idea would help because it would be over the ggoverment, and if you didnt get your stuff right you wouldnt be able to vote till your.J Chelley answered, you don't have to be any age if you know how to get to you know how to get them but out here casino hotel west edmonton you have to be 18 or older to oot i need to stop thanked the writer.Why do we still have to use the boss's room?That makes it so hard to let your feelings show.It's so easy to want you.I believe the actual age is 18but in my eyes it should be 14 because these days they already are smoking so i don't see why they don't just lower the age because they are already doing it now so it wont make any difference but at least they wont get arrested?This question is in the, general Section.It's no age for smoking, but it harms your health, so the best is no smoking.So even if the states says this is who the electorals should go to the electorate does NOT legaly have to pick who the people want.

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It use to be 21 but was changed to 18 because of the vietnam war, people said that if your old enough to fight and die for your country than you should be old enough to vote.
Is it the ghost of who you used be?I just feel they are too many restrictions at too many ages.I think the voting age is fine, but I know a bunch of 21 year olds who I swore were 18 at the time I met them, only to realize later on that they could buy me booze.If people under 18 are able to pass a test the Goverment chooses to give us then i think we should be allowed to vote, there are pepole who are 18 and less knowledgble in politics and the way our goverment works then i was.That I can't get enough, tell me, why do you have to be why do you have to be, so hard to love?No, I do not think the voting age should be lowered.Was it some men who didn't treat you right?